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Jul 11, 2012 8:00pm EDT
come states like california, texas, where hispanics make up over 30 prisoner of the undergraduate students. they also benefit places like the greatest percentage of the hispanic populations. young farmers in states like virginia demint florida, new york, texas, colorado and in mexico and arizona, nevada, virginia, north carolina, georgia will see a portion benefits from the newly authorized educational program. i may have left out some of the states but texas is in there and hopefully i mentioned that as well. we know the population in america is aging according to 70% of all farmers over the age of 55. by investing in young people that already know the agriculture and giving them the skills and education they need we can help build our next generation of farmers in america i would urge my colleagues to support this amendment and invest in the future of the agricultural here in america. i yield back. >> he yields back. i would simply no to that i believe the gentleman is making great effort here. we may have a little perfecting work to do on the language of the gentleman has -- is
Jul 24, 2012 8:00pm EDT
with this legislation. california, texas, new york saying we want to be able to do this but we also don't want to change our sales tax rules to have some kind of uniformity for these interstate transactions taking place, and that is what comes back on the shoulders of the congress because we have the ultimate responsibility for writing the law, related to interstate commerce and doing so in a fair manner not only for the brick and mortar businesses but also for the small businesses that are at this point in time i think still confronted with a very complex many thousands of multitudes more complex than a business in in your state or another state numbing what the state's requirements are and only having to meet the requirements of the state. so i commend the author of the legislation, and i commend all of you for trying to find a way to simplify. but i would urge you to work further to bring about more simplification in terms of a definition to each state that wants to purchase of in this, we have one definition. i would prefer to see one rate, three is better than 9,000 some. but i would prefer to see
Jul 19, 2012 8:00pm EDT
to california. they go to texas and colorado or florida or someplace like that. we are not seeing the benefit of it. this has popped up at town meetings i have had for a long time and i just wonder how much that seeps through legislative thinking. i don't know. i just know i've heard that. >> i think one reason for the increase in scholarships like the hope scholarship or broad-based merit scholarship which gives every student and a or a thee and $4000 to go to a tennessee institution is the hope of having gone to the university of tennessee they will stay in tennessee and which i think is a valid gold starting with georgia and that makes a difference but that is interesting observation. >> thank you very much. senator merkley. >> thank you mr. chair. >> i'm sorry, senator franken was next. i apologize. i got out of line. >> i withdraw, thank you. [laughter] >> i didn't look at my list here. >> i will take his and i will raise it one. dr. leath you have testified about some of the information that iowa state university includes on its financial aid award letters including information about st
Jul 12, 2012 8:00pm EDT
in west texas; tuesday in louisiana, and everyone i talked to, can't find machinists, truck drivers-can't find people that will pat the drug test. can't find skilled offshore workers. can't find engineers. can't, can't-can't. this is a limitation we ought to be worried about as a nation and it's not just the spoil gas industry that can do something about it. there are other systems and institutions in the country that have to help this process. >> so i want to quickly take u.s. actually outside the u.s. for a second and i want to ask ed chow, what about the rising countries and the demand from china and india, new players, brazil obviously is a producer, russia is a producer -- how does the rise that we're presuming for the purposes of this conversation -- how does this scramble what our assumptions are about the relative political weight of those countries, if they're looking at the u.s. in a different way? does it change things or are we being overly optimistic it changes our hand. >> it won't always change things the way we hope or expect them to chiang but in terms of energy inv
Jul 18, 2012 8:00pm EDT
be invited by president george herbert walker bush, that would be president bush 41 to texas a&m, his alma mater -- though excuse me, not his alma mater, where his library yes, the bush library where he has the bush school of public policy and government to present on presidents' day. it was quite a lovely honor and connected to my 25th anniversary in congress. the work we've done together, i is a junior member of congress he is president of the united states. but when we had differences of opinion and sometimes we agree that sometimes we didn't, but we were always respectful. and that is that she came to do, not to be into this kind of a struggle that doesn't recognize many other points of view in our country and that they'll have to be respect to, not only for the person elected, but for the people who sent him or her or her or had they. i've never been big on the dinner side of things because i have a district said three earlier than i am. so 5:00 he was 2:00 they are. so you keep working into the night when you're in california representative, so i can't speak with much authority on ma
Jul 6, 2012 8:00pm EDT
temple, texas. edward, good afternoon. >>a: ten. >>lei'kean i'r.oo i'm not familiar withany of the works by ms. quindlen. de, perhaps i took your statement wrongly, but it seemed to me you were discounting any of t opinions that men may have on tic. e he gs ti' to usit w orehe pro-choice philosophy when i point out to them that if a woma who did abhe han abonesa anymore children, that's out of the picture because of the pro-chce, aat s thhift's b. e s te os rdhi got your point. anna quindlen? >> guest: theoint is if amaret, w t y o , ay ch b tsh an abortion, she gets to make that decision on her own. all i can say about that isne t hdhabh e tt imes, teo cleue t we face because it's not like anything else. all the attempts toanaliz hoalofdy to another human being to grow and prosper is not like anything else onthece g gn rt attnsec is thywndy iat ve certain responsibilities in terms of how i treat myselfnd huumofigsauta an know tat it is something de ur mms contradiry apedn wch males were arguing about the jurisdiction. jurisdiction is here,d g m is os lye-s doplye' back from the soccer
Jul 30, 2012 8:30pm EDT
, that goes to -- you were talking earlier about the texas senate race on the primary is on tuesday three there you have a sort of old-fashioned establishment conservative and a lieutenant governor dewhurst and ted cruce is part of this up-and-coming new dynamic winning of the conservative wing and the republican party. back in late may they had their first round of primary balloting and about one print 5 million people voted in that race and he came out on top. he wouldn't have 50% so under the texas law we have a run off system, and now we are expecting about 350,000 people. those 350,000 people are a part of what you just referred to as stand on principle. and that's why a lot of people think that cruce is the favorite right now. and what you get as sort of a primary to become more decided by just the narrow swath of the 350,000 texans who are going to vote tuesday i think you get a more hardened principal ticker but people on the right and the left and it makes the sort of bridging the divide a heck of a lot more difficult than it would be if you had more participation from all corner
Jul 2, 2012 8:30pm EDT
the people in the industry that bp's record as a weak operator and, you know, the texas city plant, the osha record, the fact that they basically had a culture and strategy that emphasized financial engineering at the expense of operating discipline was pretty well known in the industry, and i sort of came to the conclusion after talking to people for three or four years, if you called up people the thing happened. who do you think the super major was operating the platform, got a strong majority from bp at that point. that was there. the second parallel was preparation for actually mitigating the disaster. in both cases, paper plans said we can handle this, and they were not at will to do so, and the kind of learning how to deal with all of the traumas, bp had the benefit of 20 years learning about corporate crisis management that exxon, you know, in those days, 1989, the whole philosophy how to communicate and get on television making things right and so forth, that was not as well developed a strategy in exxon's day, but, any way. >> host: i agree. i think the aftermath strikes me more th
Jul 25, 2012 8:00pm EDT
.s. citizen in texas. gao has reported that the department has testified that we do not check americans seek and play terrorist against the terrorist watch list until they apply for a pilot's license. the lesson of 9/11 is that we need to keep people who seek to do us harm from being trained as pilots. we must remove the opportunities and instrumentalities of destruction. i've introduced a bill that would require everyone who seeking to be trained as a pilot, make sure that they have vetted against a terrorist watch lists. i hope my colleagues will join me in that effort. as we consider vulnerabilities that remain, i'm disappointed that we've not yet managed to achieve the screening of 100% merry tan cargo, before it reaches our shores. adam secretary, it's my understanding that you have recently signed a blanket to hear waiver of the 100% screening requirement. i do not understand how the department can ignore a statutory man date designed to close a loan vulnerability. search in the cargo before it reaches this country provides us with the best opportunity to remove instrumentalities of de
Jul 10, 2012 8:00pm EDT
girls. if i want to them to come home some day and not go to austin texas or san diego or some the other technology centers. i have to create an environment that allows them to come home. i have to get in the game. i'm passionate about this. >> now picture for us, the hall -- the media will be in the convention center what's nearby. tell us what it's like to be there as delegate. >> you will be on the water. convention center an the tampa bay times forum is on the river front. the two major hotels that will host dell -- dell dell gracious. you have 7,000 residence live as well as some of the delegates staying at west inn in there. .. >> tampa is really spread out, much more so than other places. that is the nature of florida. a lot of people want to save the beaches because they want to bring their families and make a vacation out of it. almost from orlando to sarasota, delegations will be housed. sumac how far is orlando? >> it is probably 90 miles, sarasota is about the same. >> they will be coming downtown everyday? >> yes, most of the delegates, they are not in downtown tampa, will b
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10